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Welcome To our website

on the gAPT website you will be able to find information about GAPT, play therapy information for parents and professionals, conferences and workshops in Georgia and elsewhere and much more.

We hope you find what you need on our site - whether its gathering information to attend our next event; taking a few minutes to escape, relax, and read the most current copy of Playnotes; or, researching links to find other needed information.

below are two short videos. the one on the left gives an example of how play therapy works. on the right you can see what a play room looks like.


If you do not find what you are looking for, have any questions or comments about GAPT, or want to contact someone on the GAPT board, feel free to use the links provided.


to help us keep you current about events of gAPT, please give us your email address!!!!   email us at


Thank you again for visiting us, and we hope to see you at a conference/workshop soon!