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what is play therapy?




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Play has been viewed for hundreds of years as the language children use to understand their world until they gain a greater mastery of spoken language. they are able to demonstrate through their play what they are thinking and how they feel about people and events. they often are confused about the realities of their life and emotions. The result of this confusion is that some children experience distress. The difficulty is their inexperience with feelings, lack of words to express feelings, and their underdeveloped strategies for coping with life stressors.

 however, Adults throughout their lives  develop the skills necessary to resolve their relational and emotional concerns, often with the aid of a  pastor or psychotherapist. Adults have the language capacities to better express how they feel and often experience a sense of relief by expressing their feelings and thoughts. The same principle holds true for children, but it helps when a registered play therapist understands the symbolism of their play.

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in the summer of 1997 trudy post sprunk gave an example of how play therapy works, in playnotes. to read trudy's article click here

can you give an example of play therapy?



how can i see what a play therapy room looks like?

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how can i find a play therapist in Georgia.



what does a registered play therapist do?

A trained registered play therapist provides an environment where the child feels safe to “play out” his or her concerns. as a result of their training, the therapist can interpret the symbolism of the play and thus make recommendations to parents.


a registered play therapist (rPT) is a licensed/certified mental health professional who has a masters or doctoral degree in mental health from an accredited university.  in addition they have fulfilled the education, training, and supervision requirements of aPT to become a registered play therapist. some play therapists also become supervisors and use the rPT&s designation.

A play therapist facilitates play so that the child can systematically address and resolve his/her own problems. Play therapists use the benefits of play to psychologically help children.

what is a registered play therapist?


how can i find a play therapist in another state.

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aPT's website maintains a list of all  members nationwide.  in order to find a  play therapist you can click here. select directories and use find play therapists. you can search by city, state, name, or a combination of  attributes.


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