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we do not have a normal contact us page.  that is because many people who have websites put a contact us page on their site because they feel they really must.  then they hope no one ever finds it.  then they hope that those who find it never use it.  then they hope that they will not have to respond if someone does use it.

we are different!! 

we want you to contact us....very much!!

 we want you to share your ideas, comments, criticisms, inspirations, suggestions, etc.  we would like you to tell us about difficulties you are having...perhaps we can help. 

however, please know that we can not provide supervision or answer questions regarding your clients.  if you need such help, you can click here to link to APT's directory of gAPT members who are supervisors And Those who are rPT.

if you have general questions about supervision, we will try to help.  if something really cool happens...we would love to hear about that too!! 

tell us how we can work together to create a better play therapy environment for play therapists addition to our community...and above all...for our children.  please do not ever hesitate to drop us a line and tell us what you are thinking. 

we will respond every time you contact us.  promise!!!

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Georgia Association for Play Therapy
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